Sunday, June 26, 2011


So many things bring about perspective... I've just returned from a trip to the Northwest, specifically Seattle. I was so surprised by how courteous people were in the public sector.. Everybody is nice.. I ran in the road with my suitcase just to make it clear I was running for THAT bus... The bus driver says to me "Don't worry honey, I wasn't going to leave you behind"  In a busy restaurant while waiting for a table with my frosty beverage, totally in the way of the servers because there was no where else to go, the servers would say, "excuse me" with a smile... There seemed to be a mindfulness towards others and ones surroundings and also more genuine meaningful interactions concerned with building community. I realized I had been on edge and and really missing my really great friends..  Seattle is a smaller size city, balance of work and play can be more easily achieved.. People seem more focused on community and stewardship. Its small, there are less choices of where to go, so often friends tend to frequent the same locations, Produce is fresher, food tastes better and is way more affordable, so people of differing economics can all enjoy going out. In NY most people are from somewhere else. Many don't have big plans to stay here and invest in their communities, they just want to invest in themselves, neighborhoods are changing by the minute, servers are surly and let you know you're annoying and that you are very much in their way. Food is expensive and often disappoints, atleast my standards. There are so many places to go, friends live in different boroughs and its like a road trip to visit them..

I've returned to NY, the city that for me, is sometimes great and sometimes not.. And despite all my complaints of said city, I am happier upon my return! I'm following my dad's motto, "Live like you'll be there forever" And trying to find the ways I can cultivate community right here in my backyard :)

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