Thursday, May 26, 2011


How to get a black Amex?  Have you noticed that the rich tend to be cheap? I see all walks of life working in a restaurant. In fact its kind of the perfect place to conduct social research.. Its just like taxes. Middle income earners tend to bear the brunt, with little complaint, tax-wise while the wealthy cheat the system and hoard their money... Want a black amex? Tip 15% or less. Be as cheap as possible. Always think about your bottom line. Be born into your parents riches. Marry for money.  If your friends don't think you're a douche its likely they are just as douchey as you.. ahhhh limitless credit. I would be ever so grateful if you wanted to pay off my student loans :) I'd even delete this post. My loans are just pennies in your world.

Following a discussion with co-workers, it seems to be consensus that the better your mood, the nicer you are to people the worse your tips.. The bitchier you are, the more bitter, the more you hate your job the better your tips are. This is so fucked up. I get it... People like to be slapped around a bit.. But this doesn't make it ok. Whether you, as the server, want to buy into it or not, there is a fucked up psychology that unfortunately affects most of us at some time or another when it comes to tipping. Our tips equate how much someone liked us, or what our self worth is.. Even though tips generally end up balancing out when everything is said and done... One person leaves a super shitty tip, while another person gives you 30%.. Even so,  tips can bring about so much anger and hate.  I think more restaurants should start including service in the check instead of allowing customers to decide the worth and/or wage of their server.

Helpful dining etiquette, impress your date and give your server a break... 

- Elbows in

- fork in your left hand, knife in your right

- Don't talk with your mouth full, or smack your lips..its gross.

- Chew slowly, don't gulp.

- Knife and fork together on your plate when you are finished eating.

- Knife and fork open on  your plate if you are still eating

- Say please and thank you, may I or I would like, not I want.

- Don't touch your server.. They do not get paid for you to exploit them. 

- Don't air wave for your check its rude.

Notes in the Raw.