Sunday, June 26, 2011

Disgusting Deed of the Day..

Sigh. Why people decide to put wads of paper towels in public toilets? Especially when there are 2 perfectly good rolls of toilet paper next to the lou? I don't know... Do they have no common sense? They must not realize, or if they do, care, about the circumstance they put an employee in. Scum. 

Upon entering the public, co-ed restroom at my workplace Friday night I was faced with a very disgusting dilemma... Pull the giant wad of paper towels out of the toilet or try to flush them and watch the toilet clog and overflow and end up being "out of order".. You guessed it. I stuck my arm in the toilet and pulled the paper towels out. Gross..gross, gross. I washed my arms up to my elbows 5 times... And still felt gross.  To the paper towel stuffer, I hope something much much more disgusting happens to you someday! Shame on YOu scummy gross toilet plugger! Don't come back SGTP!

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