*Customer Wall of Shame*

Disclaimer: The following are the names of bad tippers I've encountered.. Along with writing there  names down while working, I often include a little note, a "sweet nothing" if you will, something to remember them by, and/or my feelings associated with the circumstance.  My intentions are not to cause any harm, but to keep a record of accountability.  

1/25/11 Peter Pove from Geneva Switzerland.. Note to Peter "Read your guide book before you visit NYC. A $6.22 tip on a $113. check doesn't cut it. Its nice that you paid for your american friend's dinner, but tip accordingly and stop embarrassing your american friends. P.S. If your guest wasn't in tears at the beginning of your meal I would have given you a lesson in proper u.s. tipping etiquette. We make $5. an hour. Just sayin'

12/9/10  Mr. David Kuhn

4/8/11 Annie Boyer - Just don't come back.
4/8/11  Matt Renaud - F-U!
4/8/11  Jennifer Tsai - You nor your friends are welcome.
4/8/11 Mark S. Werner - F-U too. 

The latter are all poor tippers... Be sure not to date these people they have poor character.  

4/19/11 Hans P. Erickson - Nothing special.. Bad Tipper.
4/19/11 Maciek Godlewski - The world would be more "Fabulous" if you tipped better...
4/19/11 Lauren Maggiacomo - Really?? I didn't think you'd be a bad tipper.
4/19/11 Jane B. Davies - Excuse me... Just because your card declined.. I don't think so. I'm worth it
             Bitch. Just because your date, "Jose Morales" card declined.. Screw U and your 16%

Bad Tippers whose date of dining is unknown...

Stuart Martin - Bad tipper who dates women who lack confidence.

Lydia Bulas - Very Rude.. Very bad tipper.

4/22/11 Paul A. Island & Daniel Hendrickson - I hate putting your names on this list, but it is my duty.. and you both were so disappointing.  You showed me your dog, and talked about how upset you were to leave him alone. You were celebrating good friday, "No Meat". You were gay and sweet and catholic. You were bad tippers. I feel sorry for you. I liked that your last name was Island. What a disappointment you were. You tipped like you were trying to prove you didn't like Girls.

(For a few months I thought I'd let the bad tippers go free, as I felt like this log was negative, but I've changed my mind... I may not always have commentary for each bad tipper, but I think its my duty to document for all us in the service industry... If you'd like me to add someone just write me!)

7/15/11 (For co-worker whose name will not be said) "Stupid foreigners and their stupid tips.." Klenikov Vladislav is a bad tipper.

Sherwin Klass- Bad tipper.

David Reed Jr. - Shitty tipper.. Don't come back. I politely waited to say anything about your shitty tip until you were leaving, as to not embarrass you in front of your friends. I was polite. When I asked if something was wrong with the service you said "No" When I said, " oh well I was wondering because you left a little more than a 10% tip" You said, "So" You are a Douche bag... You and your shiny shoes and finance blue button down, gross.

Sophia M. Diaz- Shitty tipper.. Too bad for you your date didn't pay for your entitled ass.

8/1/11 Betina Rodriguez

8/1/11 Stephen Warll - WTF... this guy didn't leave a tip..

8/10/11 Via the note found in my pencil pouch.. "Bradford Barr you are  a douche bag"