Thursday, December 9, 2010

I've been hesitant to post anything since first starting this blog.. I think I'm somewhat fearful of the negative energy that could be mustered up in my writing. Since 1st starting the blog I've lost the 3 names to start the tipping hall of shame.. More to come in the future.. If there is one reason I continue this blog its for the sake of accountability... Til' next time.. Boo yah.

Customer Wall of Shame......

Even though there has been much worse before you, I'd like to announce that today, you, Mr. David Kuhn,  make the customer wall of shame list...Why? You ask?  For acting as an entitled, demoralizing asshole...Have some respect.

"I will not tolerate dilly dallying, Service must be prompt, I do not want to wait for the check,  and most importantly my guest must not know I am in a hurry" Well Mr. Kuhn I hope you had a very nice lunch and that your very important day was not impeded by your lunch date.